Issues – Anti Liquor

Agragamee has adopted an issue-based approach to tribal development, attempting interventions to address problems and needs as identified by the tribal community. This has necessarily called for an in-depth dialogue with the community, challenging it to look at its own situation in a critical, analytical manner, identifying inner strengths and seeking alternatives, rather than accepting the status quo. It has also provided a learning experience for Agragamee, helping it to develop sensitivity towards the different facets of tribal life.

Anti Liquor Campaign

Tribal women who were the main victim of liquor, which was like an epidermic among the men folks. Earlier tribals were consuming less, but the excise policy opened numbers of local liquor centre. Besides money lenders and contractors were controlling the tribals through liquor Agragamee started its campign against the drawbacks of liquor and how it affects the number life both physically and financially. The method was through songs, puppet shows dance. The women took the maximum advantage one of this and campaigning strongly against it and squizzed the liquor trading in the villages. Not only that in some villages they destroyed the liquor centre and faced the police case. During 1993/1994 the then Chief Minister of Orissa Late Shri Biju Pattanaik had given the police power to Smt. Sumoni Jhodia, Smt. Andhari Majhi and SMt. Sonai majhi to check the brewing of illicit liquor.

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