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Agragamee’s work with the tribal communities depends on grants and donations from institutions, organizations and individuals.
Agragamee welcomes any kind of support which will contribute to our cause.
We invite you to join us in this cause for the underdeveloped and the downtrodden. Write to us after visiting our website, join in the discussions Forum; contact us, and let us know your comments and suggestions, contribute through donations, and grants, and help the tribal and other underprivileged communities fight for their rights.
All contributions will be accounted and audited, subject to the audit and FCRA regulations of the GOI.
You can join us, and help the tribal people in several ways, whatever your professions, whatever your expertise and resources, you can join with us, and help :

 You can help by contributing to address the several issues that the tribal people face. You can contribute to help them fight the several false litigations that the MNCs have slapped against them which have forced them to run to the courts almost everyday or beg with judges not to imprison them for too long or their children will go hungry, you can contribute to help them get an education, you can contribute to help them build up grainbanks which will help them to fight the debt of the money lender and build up a long term savings, you can contribute to help them develop their land and agriculture.

 You can come here, to our operational areas in Orissa, and share your expertise with the tribal people in getting water resources for irrigation, and drinking, you can help them build their villages so that the water will not rush in with the rains and wash away half their settlement, you can help them build their habitats with more permanence, and stability.

 You can come and write about the people and their lives and their beauty so other people might learn about them, and come to share in their experiences, please write about their problems and the threats that they face so that the world might wake up and desist.

 You can give some much needed health service and advise to the tribal people so that they may fight the diseases that weaken them so much better.

You can make a difference

To help a poor family lead a life of dignity and self-reliance.

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