Agragamee is a strong advocate of a collaborative raltionship with the Government agencies and the Panchayati Raj Institutions on the one hand, and with civil society organizations on the other. During the past few decades it has been ample demonstrated. The tribal areas and the drought-prone areas need some kind of concerted effort by people, the institutions of self-governance, the government and the NGOs alike to accelerate the process of development and change. Agragamee has always extended the hand of cooperation to government agencies and PRIs to maximize their impact of the programmes.

 Member of the General Body, CAPART, New Delhi

 Partner with Ministry of Human Resource Development for State Resource Centres for Adult Eductaion

 General Council member of National Elementary Education Mission

 Member of Project Steering Committee of Orissa Tribal Development Project.

 Partner NGO with NABARD for Wadi Project

 Member of planning committee on State Water Policy

 Member of State Level steering committee for Protection of Reserved Forest ad Protected Forest Areas, Department of Environment and Forests

 Government of Odisha

 Member of Executive committee, Society for Welfare of Child Labour, Rayagada

 Our collaborations with other NGOs include networks at both state and national levels. They can be accessed here.

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