A Net of Panic and Fear In the interior rural and tribal regions, in the districts of Rayagada, Koraput, Nabrangpur, Kalahandi, the news of the Corona Virus has spread a net of fear and panic. Village after village has put up gates to stop outsiders and even migrants returning home from entering the village, people are afraid of stepping out of their houses, and those who do step out are threatened by police, and fear even going to the field, carrying out essential medical treatment for their near and dear ones or even going to the markets and bazaars.

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A sense of helplessness affects the community, as there is no work, and they cannot even sell their harvest produce. The trading women are even more hard put, as they cannot go to the villages and carry on their barter business.

No Studies Yipee!:Children ofcourse have a grand time, out of the school, as their teachers stay home. There is no mobile or distance learning concept in these villages. The youth on the other hand, are despondent, as they do not know when their classes will start, and how they will complete their courses in schools and colleges. None of their teachers have said anything about e-learning. Many of them have smart phones, but, can their lecturers continue lessons through them? The answer is blowing in the wind.

Ignorance is Terror:On the other hand, there is little real information on how the disease spreads, whom it affects, what are the symptoms, social distancing, etc. Many people run the risks of exposure due to visits to market places, return of migrants, travel for social needs, etc.
Agragamee has taken the initiative to create critical awareness on the Coronavirus and its spread and prevention by regularly visiting villages, communicating the messages of the medical department, building up understanding of its spread, and showing how its risk can be minimised.
It has covered 250 villages each in the most underdeveloped tribal blocks of Odisha, including Kashipur in Rayagada, Dasmantpur in Koraput, Tentulikhunti in Nabrangpur and Thuamulrampur in Kalahandi districts. Its efforts have helped people overcome the panic and fear created by unconfirmed rumours and exaggerated stories, and take clear cut measures and responsibilities to fight the blight. The work however is not over, more village need to be reached urgently

Please Donate to Help Agragamee Reach the unreached.

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