Agragamee which means, pioneer, is a non-profit organisation, committed to working with poor and underprivileged communities. Our work in the 10 most backward districts of Odisha, in India combines interventions for socio-economic wellbeing with awareness and education.
     Our efforts have helped women leaders like Sumani Jhodia and Shukri Majhi provide outstanding leadership to their community, students like Mamata Jhodia and Munni Majhi shine in their studies and aspire for a better future than that of their parents, and helped farmers Like Bhuban Jani move towards self-sufficiency and sustainable production, enabling better livelihoods for the whole village.
     We invite you, join us in this effort, and reach out to those denied even two square meals a day. There are few things more satisfying than that, you can take our word for it!

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Agragamee began work in 1981 seeking to understand the paradox of poverty and hunger in a land of abundance. The challenges were immense. There were few roads to reach the villages, hunger and epidemics were inherent part of the yearly cycle, a small community of contractors and landlords reigned supreme, and there was little or no respect for the law.

Our work began with discussions and dialogues with the people, community leaders, elected representatives and Government functionaries. This helped us understand the complex multi-layered systems of exploitation and coercion that people suffered. It also opened up the doors of perception to local community members to concepts of justice, equality, human rights, freedom and began a process of empowerment.

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To help a poor family lead a life of dignity and self-reliance.

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