In the process of strengthening people's organisation, Agragamee has emphasised networking at various levels.

Through various networks, it has enabled grassroot organisations to deliberate on common issues and have a sharing of experiences to build up solidarity.

In the whole process the outcomes are :
  • People's participation in mainstream political process has increased.
  • Underprivileged community have been able to assert their Rights
  • Dissemination of information/sharing of experience
  • Participation in management of development programmes
  • Communities reach out to each other.
Network Level Network Agency Issues
National 1. National Campaign Committee for Rural Workers (NCCRW) 1. Rural Issues
2. National Campaign for People's Right to Information (NCPRI) 2. Right to Information
3. Rajiv Gandhi Foundation 3. Panchayati Raj
4. SAMPADA 4. Promotion of Voluntary Action
5. National Centre for Advocacy Studies 5. Advocacy Issues
6. Mines, Minerals & People 6. Mining
7. National Campaign Against Fifth Schedule Amendment 7. Tribal Issues
State 1. Sanhati 1. Promotion of Voluntary Action
2. Sikshasandhan 2. Education
3. Sanjojana 3. Natural Resource Management
4. KBK Forum 4. Tribal Development

Agragamee finds an ally on various issues and by virtue of its position strengthen the network.

Agragamee has promoted issue-based networks in Orissa, which are oriented to contribute to the development of the State especially in the tribal pockets of Orissa with different focus.

One such network namely Sanjojana is formed for Natural Resource Management including land, water and forest and through this network Micro-Watershed Development Projects are taken up.

The other sector of networks promoted by Agragamee is that of Peoples Organisations. Women through this forum not only do economic activities but also always remain in the forefront to demand their rights. Some of the networks are:

Name of the Grassroot Network Network Type Activities
AMA SANGATHAN A tribal women's federation of 21 Mahila Mandals in Kashipur Block 1. Economic Activities - Hill broom, Dal, Tamarind and Turmeric etc. Processing and Marketing
2. Campaign for minimum wage, prohibition of liquor
3. Self Help Groups
Anchalika Unnayan Sangathan, Chanabada Dasmantpur, Koraput Federatiof 16 Mahila Mandals and 10 Youth Groups 1. Watershed Development
2. Education
3. Forest Protection
4. Community Issues
Indravati Mahila Mahasangha, Indravati, Nawarangpur Federation of 40 Mahila Mandals 1. Socio-Economic Activities
2. Marketing
3. Tribal Development
Sampriti,Thakurmunda, Mayurbhanj Federation of local level organisations including Mahila Mandal and Youth Clubs 1. NRM
2. Issue Based Activities
3. Education

Apart from Networking, Agragamee envisages long-term linkages to enable the People's Organisations for their self-reliance and decision-making. Agragamee has intervened in many area of linkages as shown in the diagram below.