Over the years, we have helped tribal communities address several critical issues of rights and controls which has helped develop a positive self-image within the community and encouraged them to take charge of their lives with confidence, challenging corruption, and ensuring proper delivery of services.

When a community has nothing left, they have to sell their labour. The tribal people have been dispossessed, and rendered landless by historical processes that did not stop with the attainment of independence. With majority of the people in the tribal regions depending on wage labour, this has become a buyers' market, and this last resource of the tribal people is also used to further exploit them. Read more about Minimum Wages and the people's struggle.
Not just the interior tribal villages, but the villages on the road side in the tribal regions did not even know of the existence of the PDS for the supply of essential commodities at a subsidized price. There was huge amounts of misappropriation of PDS commodities going on in the tribal regions, when Agragamee began an intervention to ensure that the tribal families got their due of this welfare provision. Looking deeper into the situation, we found that there were several hurdles. Read more about Agragamee's experiences in overcoming the faulty Public Distribution System.
Agragamee has encouraged people to organize and ensure good governance, and proper implementation of Government programmes. The people have formed several groups in different Panchayats and villages, and taken up the issues of effective delivery very seriously. Thus, there is pressure for schools to function effectively, and there is persistenct effort to ensure ICDS provisions reach the target group of women and children. Find out more about our Governance activities.
Do the forest dwellers have even a right to the leaves and grass from the forests? Not if the Forest Department can help it. Agragamee found that there was extensive exploitation of tribal people in the collection and selling of minor forest produce. This has lead to an increasing pressure on the forest resources, as the tribal people, deprived of land, and with scarce employment opportunities are forced to survive on the forest resources for major portions of the year. Learn more about tribals and their access and rights to Minor Forest Produce.
Tribal women who were the main victim of liquor, which was like an epidermic among the men folks. Earlier tribals were consuming less, but the excise policy opened numbers of local liquor centre. Besides money lenders and contractors were controlling the tribals through liquor. Agragamee started its campign against the drawbacks of liquor and how it affects the number life both physically and financially.Find out more about the tribal women's triumphant Anti-liquor Campaign.
There are still thousands of families who do not even possess the land they have settled in after displacement. These displaced ommunities are threatened and disliked by the local population, wherever they go to settle, as their presence increases the competition for scarce natural resources. Rendered landless, homeless and jobless, several of them are yet to be even brought into the state social security net systems. Read more about how the Right to Land eludes many.