Learning Centre Edu-volunteers’ Training

The February 2021 training for edu-volunteers of Agragamee Learning Centres saw lively debate and discussions on key issues, including education and self-respect, education and equality as well as education for development. The Edu-volunteers analysed their village situation, and analysed and defined the rationale of their work. This helped them take up an exercise for goal setting, and develop an in-depth understanding of their objectives. This was followed by an exercise in Planning which was facilitated by Prof. Indira Vijaysimha over a zoom call.

Agragamee Began Village Learning Centres, as a response to closure of schools due to the lock down. As communities expressed concern for the education of their children, and youth volunteers expressed their interest to teach, Agragamee decided to take Agragamee School to the villages.

We began to make the road by developing short training modules providing basic ideas and skills for the Edu-volunteers to begin classes, and deal with a bunch of noisy youngsters. The inputs were provided by Agragamee School teachers qualified, and experienced in teaching. Of course, these teacher trainers had little experience with multi-grade and multi-lingual situations, but our past experience in Government School in three districts wherein we had implemented the Creative Language Development Project helped. With support from Giving Circle Foundation, we had also developed the Kau Dake Ka book into a wall chart.

The current training programme held from 5th to 9th February, takes the process forward, and seeks to address serious concerns like falling student attendance, as also increase community support. The training has inspired the young Edu-volunteers to continue their uphill task with energy and enthusiasm, struggling against challenges by drunks, who feel they know much better than the volunteers, and even reach out to adolescent drop outs, and help them prepare for the future. The best part is the classes have become bi-lingual as songs have been translated from Odiya to Kui. We invite those kui readers who know Kui songs to send them to us on [email protected], so that we can increase our repertoire, and help lively multi-lingual learning!

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