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Year 2021-22 will be remembered for certain new initiatives like the implementation of new Projects BPKP(focusig on traditional and organic Farming), SPPIF(Special Programme for the Promotion of Integrated Farming), CDP-MLIP ( Crop Diversification) all supported by the Government of Odisha, Department of Agriculture and Farmer’s Empowerment.
Agragamee also took up collaboration with HDFC-HRDP CSR Funding to develop certain villages.
A significant step towards climate change mitigation was taken up in collaboration with IKI (International Climate Initiative, a part of the German Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection) to promote Climate Smart Agriculture



villages using RTI Act for crucial development information


farmers conserving traditional crop varieties


tribal children reading fluently and studying further


women form most successful tribal enterprise Ama Sangathan


tribal families self-sufficient with productive family farms

It is a matter of pride for Agragamee that Mrs. Vidhya Das who has dedicated herself to the development of tribal...

Posted by Achyut Das on Wednesday, 20 September 2023

Learning Through Fun and Play

(By Edu-leader Sabita Kuldipia)

I work as a teacher since 2021 in the learning center run by Agragamee in Peringini village of Kodipari Panchayat in, Kashipur block Rayagada district.  There are 2 hamlets in our Peringini village. Paika, Jhodia and Harijan people live together in these 2 hamlets.

One day The head mistress of Agragamee school came to our village and talked with the people of the village. From that discussion, a night school was started in our village and I was appointed as a teacher after taking the opinion of the people of the village. Initially, I was afraid to teach. Then I got taining from the teachers of Agragamee school and fear left me. I teach children the way I was trained in Agragamee School. This makes the children interested in reading and happy to read. 

At first the children were not ready to come to the Learning center. Then, I began to have monthly meetings with the parents, and telling them about the methods we use, and how children are learning, I also went from house to house, making sure the children come to the learning centre. This has made the parents also interested in sending their children to the learning center regularly.

The Learning Center has helped to improve children’s reading and writing ability a  lot. As a matter of fact, my five year old daughter never used to touch her studies.

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Agragamee began work in 1981 seeking to understand the paradox of poverty and hunger in a land of abundance. The challenges were immense. There were few roads to reach the villages, hunger and epidemics were inherent part of the yearly cycle, a small community of contractors and landlords reigned supreme, and there was little or no respect for the law. Our work began with discussions and dialogues with the people, community leaders, elected representatives and Government functionaries. This helped us understand the complex multi-layered systems of exploitation and coercion that people suffered. It also opened up the doors of perception to local community members to concepts of justice, equality, human rights, freedom and began a process of empowerment.

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