jayanti Jhodia

This report was written by Jayanti of Parjashila village, when she was in Class V. She is amongst the 22 students who passed out of Agragamee School in 2018. She now studies in Class VII in Government High School in Kashipur. She and her 4 friends were the most regular of students. We loved to come because we had so much fun in class.
I loved to sing and act. One year I was the king, next year I was a freedom fighter she says, musing about those days. Our teachers were like our friends, and used to even  play games with us. Now, we are scared to talk to our teachers she says.

‘The best part of the school was the library. We enjoyed reading the books, and then we also wanted to write she says. Our teachers encouraged us, and never scolded us for our mistakes. We wrote the school Annual Report and were thrilled to see our writing published!’

Jayanthi’s elder sister is married and has 2 children.’ If it had not been for Agragamee School, I would also have been married by now’ she says with a smile.’ Initially my mother did not want me to go to school. But later on, she supported me a lot. Even when my father said I should watch over the crops, my mother would say no she has to go to school!’

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