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Agragamee, NEWS 18 May , 2020

Director’s Note

Dear Friends,

The Coronavirus pandemic has disrupted lives across the globe, even as countries struggle with lockdowns, and medical experts try to grapple with newer manifestations of the disease. In India, as bad as the pandemic,  is the distress conditions of untold daily wagers as they suffer without work and without food in the cities, and long very much to return to their villages. The Governments are hard put to handle the huge numbers.

In Agragamee we have been working closely with the Government to help as many stranded migrant labourers as we can. Even though the impact is small, considering the magnitude of the problem, we feel happy, we have been able to at least help a few people. Our campaign of distributing food and hygiene kits in the villages has continued. More importantly, responding to the community’s felt needs we have started evening learning centres for early grades and drop outs, and have taken up planning and designing village development with the Government and the community so that people need never again migrate in distress.

We invite you to join with us, and make all effort to help the toiling people, on whose shoulders our economy rests.

Achyut Das

Agragamee Interventions Bring Relief to Struggling Migrants


Surveys Help to Address Migrant Labourers’ distress in Bhbaneswar: Agragamee Survey brought to light that 3 families of 6 people from Ranjaguda village in Kashipur Block were starving in Bhubaneswar.

Agragamee reported the case to concerned authorities, who were kind enough to take immediate steps to address the distress. Thus,  BMC gave them rice rations. Aid-et-Action also stepped in and provided support for dry rations, and Agragamee transferred a total of Rs.4500.00 to help them tide over the distress.

District Administration provides succour to Jharkhand Labourers: Agragamee received a distress message that 24 labourers from Jharkhand were stranded in the various industrial sites in Rayagada district, with no food and no pay. Agragamee sent a message to the Managing Director, Odisha, State Disaster Mitigation Authority, who in turn alerted the District Collector. The DC took prompt  action to ensure that they were all getting rations and wages.

The immediate response from the administration in both cases helped take care of pressing needs of the migrant workers.

Visit of District Collector Nabrangpur

On 13.05.2020, Dr. Ajit Kumar Mishra, Collector and District Magistrate, Nabarangapur graced the food distribution programme of Agragamee in Padaaunli village, Lamtaguda Gram Panchayat, Tentulikhunti Block, along with the Block Development Officer, and 2nd Officer of Indravati Police Station.

He also reviewed the land development works under the MGNREGA and interacted with women and community representatives. Reviewing the list provided by the  Ward Member, he instructed the BDO to ensure pensions to 30 aged, and 5 PWDS who were excluded.
To improve accessibility to the village, the District Collector instructed the Assistant Engineer (AE) to construct a Culvert. He also told to expedite completion of the Anganwadi building.
In Tagapali village, Lamtaguda Panchayat, the DC reviewed the MGNREGA Work, including the dressing and grass turfing of the farmpond, and land development over 45 acres.

These were taken up as part of the GO-NGO collaborative efforts under the Echo-village development project implemented by Agragamee, with support from  BMZ-KKS, Germany.

This collaboration has effectively driven an additional Rs.13,50,000 for village development works under MGNREGS.
Dr. Mishra praised Agragamee for taking up these noble initiatives for the needy people of Tentulikhunti Block.  

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Agragamee is a not for profit organization working with the poorest communities in Odisha in India for a world without hunger and injustice. Its work in ten most backward districts for education, economic development, and wellbeing of tribal and other deprived sections depends on donations from philanthropic organisations and individuals.
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Agragamee School Goes to the Villages

The prolonged lock down due to the CV Pandemic has had a telling impact on children’s education in the tribal villages. These children do not have the advantage of networks and internets in their houses, nor can their parents afford smart phones for uploading easy learning apps.

Responding to the demand from the villages,  Agragamee sought volunteers who would take take up education in the villages. Very happily, several youth stepped forward eager to provide a service to the children in their villages.

First amongst these were Lata Harijan from Badamaribhata, Susheela Majhi from Katali, Koitha Jhodia from Ratapada and Santoshi Jhodia from Parajashila.
We are truly proud that three of these girls have studied in Agragamee School, and are now in the middle of their Plus 2 classes. As their colleges have closed indefinitely  they are eager to contribute and help children get basic education.

Mrs. Kanakamani Das, Head Mistress Agragamee School put them through a two-day training programme, helping them understand the Agragamee School model and innovative methods of classroom management, developed through our long experience in non-formal education. Very importantly they also learnt games and songs to engage and involve children in the classroom processes and  made TLM and song sheets to take with them to the village schools.

They will be provided regular refresher training on a weekly basis, so that they can develop their understanding along  with hands-on teaching in the village education centres.

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Campaign to stop the Transmission of COVID 19

Dasmantpur Block, Koraput District
The awareness campaign in Dasmantpur Block, Koraput District lead by Shri Atul Kumar Nayak has sensitised people about hygiene and sanitation, and the need for social distancing at all times.  Soaps for hand-wash, awareness leaflets and masks were distributed and hoardings displaying sanitation and medication procedures were posted on village walls.The campaign covered 10 GPs and 151 villages of Dasmantpur block, Koraput district. Mr. Atul Kumar Nayak Programme Coordinator reached out effectively through the mega-phone.The Panchayat level quarantine centres and its quality of free cooked food have also been monitored. Any problems are discussed with the Sarpanch and promptly communicated to block and district authorities for immediate action.Agragamee Dasmantpur have distributed a total of 1068 soaps and 307 masks to 25 villages of 7 GPs covering a total of 6342 households. A total of 42 volunteers were engaged in this awareness campaign covering ten Panchayats. They were issued ‘Mobility Pass’ by the Collector, Koraput district.The District Collector has given responsibility to Agragamee to extend support to 16 quarantine centres, located at different Gram Panchayats in the Block.
Kashipur Block, Rayagada District 
Relentless efforts to spread awareness: Agragamee staff continued their campaign in Kashipur Block of Rayagada DistrictThey interacted with community members to dispel superstitious fear about the spread of the virus and methods of preventions. They advised people on avoiding celebration of festivals, as these would lead to breaking of social distancing norms.Detailed Survey: A detailed survey was carried out in 45 villages in Kashipur Block to under stand the extent of migration, as also exclusion from Government programmes and schemes.Ration Card: It was found that a total of eligible people, including 185 men and 150 women had not received rations as they did not have ration cards. Of these, it was reported that, 35 men and 43 women were excluded because their finger prints were not correctly recorded. The maximum number of excluded were in the village of Talapatri.Migrant Labourers: A total of 467 people, including 387 men and 76 women had migrated. The findings indicated that every year, the number of migrations were increasing. In some of the villages, almost 50% of the male workforce had migrated. Most of the women have migrated to Andhra Pradesh, to work in chilli crop cultivation. The highest migration was in the village of Rasijhiri where 40 youth have migrated, followed closely by Paiksupel, where 38 youth have migrated.Pension: The survey revealed that 196 eligible people, 110 men and 86 women are not receiving old age pension. 15 eligible men and 6 eligible women were not receiving handicaped pension. In a large majority of cases, the applications are pending.
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Tentulikhunti Block, Nabrangpur District 
IN Tentulikhunti Block, Agragamee has initiated Awareness Campaign and distribution of Food and Hygiene Kits from 9th May 2020 as part of the COVID 19 response. It has provided essential relief to 665 households in 10 villages in the Panchayats of Lamtaguda and Pujariput of Tentulikhunti Block, Nabarangpur. The Food and Hygiene Kits supported by BMZ-KKS, Germany, is a tangible example of GO-NGO collaboration in Odisha.The initiative lead by Shri Jagannath Jena, Project Director, Agragamee Tentulikhunti in close collaboration with the Government has been highly appreciated by the Block and district administrations.The food distribution has helped people tide over the extreme food stress resulting from the sudden lockdown. Awareness generation programme has been instrumental in sensitizing the local tribal communities on need for prevention through practicing improved WASH measures like handwashing and use of masks and social distancing.Thuamulrampur Block, Kalahandi District
In Thuamulrampur Block of Kalahandi district, along with the campaign to check the spread of Coronavirus, a survey was taken up in 6 villages to understand the extent of migration, and exclusion.It was found that in the 6 villages surveyed,  50 persons, 48 men and 2 women did not have ration cards, 28 eligible people, 19 men and 9 women did not have old age pension, 1 eligible woman did not get handicapped pension. There were no migrants in these villages. The initiative has been lead by Shri Prem Mahanaty Semili.
Rayagada Block, Rayagada District

In Rayagada Block, Agragamee organised COVID-19 Preventive Awareness Campaign in 19 villages under  Kutuli and Kumbhikota GP of Rayagada block. A total of 1778 households were sensitised, 500 soaps distributed for hand-wash and  15 village hoardings were posted  on CORONA-19  prevention measures like wearing of mask , maintaining of one meter social distance in public places like at tubewell, bathing places beside the river, and at market places and offices. Instructions include use of herbal teas and hot water and description of symptoms when the doctor should be consulted.

Agragamee is a not for profit organization working with the poorest communities in Odisha in India for a world without hunger and injustice. Its work in ten most backward districts for education, economic development, and wellbeing of tribal and other deprived sections depends on donations from philanthropic organisations and individuals.

We invite you to support our work, and help the poor live with dignity
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