State Level Women’s Convention

Agragamee has organised State Level Women’s Convention at Koraput Tribal Museum from 4th September to 6th September 2018 with collaboration of European Union and Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung. Around 150 tribal women were actively participated from 10 backward districts of Odisha. During the three days convention Forest Land Right and Entitlement, Literacy and Empowerment, Women and Governance, Forest Right Act, Women in Agriculture, Seed Conservation, Food and Nutrition, Sustainable Livelihood etc. important topic were discussed.An exhibition on organic products of tribal areas was organised and displayed.

The convention was inaugurated by Mr. Rangalal Jamuda, Chairperson, State Food Commission. He addressed women to participate in the governance system for their development. He shared different welfare schemes of the Government which are specially for women and appreciated the spirit of tribal women along with answering their questions related to various socio- economic issues.

Mr. Achyut Das, Director, Agragamee, welcome and share the objective of the convention. A number of district level officials related education,nutrition , livelihood, agriculture, women leaders, tribal women farmers shares their experience, fight against their right and success stories. Tribal women described their process of traditional and organic agriculture, conservation of organic seeds, fruit and vegetable garden, child education and health in various sessions.

Ms. Latika Pradhan, Chairperson, State Social Welfare Board, Odisha ,has shared different Government schemes specially for adult girls and women. She said that women only can raise their voice and be noticeable if they get proper education and empowerment. Parent can feel the need of education and send their child to school for their child’s overall development not for mid day meal and complete their own work.

Dr. Reena Rautray, also gave emphasis on empowerment of women to face all the challenges. Mr. Gadadhar Parida, Former Collector, Koraput District, addressed and encouraged women for their work related to agriculture and development activities, awareness generation etc. He said if the change will come from family, then society would be changed automatically.

Among others Mrs. Vidhya Das, Joint Director, Agragamee, shared the actual problem of tribal area. She emphasized on girl education, forest land right and sustainability. Mrs. Sumani Jhodia, Tribal Women Leader, has spoke about the status of tribal sub- plan in tribal areas and implementation of Forest Right Act.