An integrated approach for people centred development


Agragamee has brought out a number of publications documenting our efforts, activities and achievements over the years, which are extensively shared with individuals and institutions in different states and countries. The following is a list of publications currently available. To learn more about our work and to receive a copy of any of the following, write to

Dangara Kaha

Year of Publication – 2015

Mukta Gyana Kutir Sikhya Dig Digant

Year of Publication – 2015

Our Land Our Life A Family Farm Manual

Year of Publication – 2015

Mukta Gyana Kutir Education and Beyond

Year of Publication – 2015


Mahila Manaka Arthanayitika Adhikar o Samarthya

Reclaiming the Commons with Womens Power

Year of Publication – 2014

Kou Dake Ka..Ka

Year of Publication – 2014

Kuna Bhainka Chapal

Year of Publication – 2013


Public Hearing on Food Security in Tribal Odisha

Year of Publication – 2013

Hati O Musa

Year of Publication – 2013

Addressing Womens Economic Rights-Report of a State Level Public Hearing and Consultation

Year of Publication – 2012

MGNREGA in Tribal Odisha


Dangara Katha

Year of Publication – 2011

Kholija mora Kuhuka Pedi

Year of Publication – 2008

Mahila Manaka Arthanayitika Adhikar

Community Grain Bank

Year of Publication – 2007 | Price : ₹ 30


Chronicle of A Struggle

Year of Publication – 2007 | Price : ₹ 30

Governance in Tribal Areas Myths and Realities (A Pictorial)

Year of Publication – 2005

Farmers’ Exposure Visit to Sambhav, Nayagarh

15th to 17th March and 18th to 20th March, 2017

Planning and Orientation Meeting for Field Based Research on Indigenous Production Systems

24th March, 2017

Creative language development efforts background note

8th – 9th June, 2017