Quality School Education is the single most important factor that can change the life of an individual and help a community come out of poverty.It may not be a panacea, but is a fundamental non-negotiable for any community or individual. You will agree that this is the basis of 'Equal Opportunities' enshrined in our constitution.

And yet thousands of communities do not have access to quality or effective school education. Thousands of children in the tribal regions come out of schools barely able to read.

Agragamee helps children from tribal and other deprived communities read, learn and acquire a basic education by providing creative, fun and appropriate material, by facilitating teacher development, and through progressive schools for tribal children. (To know more pl visit http://www.agragamee.org/girl_child_edu.php and 'Agragamee School' Face book page)

The "Give them a Future Campaign" seeks to expand this effort and reach more children in the remote tribal pockets.

Join the campaign and support deprived and underprivileged children, help them have a great school education for a brighter future. Share this message with your friends and well wishers, Help to bring about a generational change in remote tribal villages by supporting a teacher, help to create a joy and keenness for learning by supporting innovative and creative learning material, help an entire community climb out of the darkness of ignorance and illiteracy by facilitating teacher training, support an entire school and help to build a model of creative and innovative teaching for underprivileged children, share your experiences in teaching, training or development of innovative material and add to the precious pool of resources, spare your valuable time training teachers or teaching, and help to add value to our efforts.

Your support can brighten the future of tribal children!

How you support can help:

Recurring Costs Support a child Adopt a School
Rs. $ Rs. $
Mid-day meal for a chid for one academic year 4000 63 600000 10000 47% children in India are undernourished, in the tribal regions it is much worse
Educate a child, through one academic year (Tuition Fee) 6000 95 900000 15000 Tribal regions in Odisha have some of the lowest literacy levels in the country.
Uniform and shoes for a child 1000 16 150000 2500 Many parents are too poor to be even able ot clothe their children properly. This is specially hard in the winter months
Help her reach school-transportation 600 10 90000 1500 Children come from villages up to 7kms away, seeking good education
Co-curricular activities for a child 1500 24 225000 3750
Textbooks and other learning material for a child 1200 19 180000 3000
Approximate Cost for one child 14300 227 2145000 35750
One time supports
Support a school building 1500000 25000
Provide a transport 1200000 20000


Bank details for Indian Contribution Bank details for Foreign Contribution
Name of the Bank: State Bank of India
Account number: 32280715737
Branch Address: At/Po- Kashipur, Dist- Rayagada, Odisha-765015, India
IFS Code: SBIN0002075
Name of the Bank: State Bank of India
Account Holder Name : AGRAGAMEE
Account Number: 11666791016
Branch Address: At/Po- Kashipur, Dist- Rayagada, Odisha-765015
IFS Code: SBIN0002075
Swift code: SBININBB270